I was excited, somewhat skeptical, and VERY hopeful when I decided to visit Lancaster Cryotherapy. After the initial appointment was over, I couldn't wait to come back. The energy boost is undeniable. I signed up for a monthly unlimited package and had appointments several times per week for a month. Before cryotherapy, I could barely walk a mile due to degenerative arthritis in my knees. After 4 weeks of cryotherapy treatments, I feel a thousand times better. I have seen a drastic improvement in pain and inflammation, to the point that I rarely need to take medication. I intend to follow up with maintenance appointments so that I can maximize the effects of the treatment. I highly recommend giving it a try.

-Wendy Heim, Lancaster, PA


I've been in pain for 2.5 years. Plantar Fasciitis, achey knees, and shoulder issues. I've been to podiatrists, orthopedic specialists, chiropractors and alternative therapies. Many of them were temporarily helpful but never got me back to the activity level I used to be at prior to the pain. I'm glad to say after a month of cryotherapy and Normatec (leg compression system offered at Lancaster Cryotherapy), I'm back at the gym in all my favorite activities doing things I haven't done in years. I haven't felt this good in a long time! I love Lancaster Cryotherapy! Thanks so much Jennifer. You have really tapped into something very special, unique and beneficial to people who are in chronic pain!



Three months ago I was desperate. The amount of pain I was dealing with was ruining the quality of my life. I did not want another surgery. Side effects caused me to stop taking anti- inflammatory medicine. I was not the father, husband, coach, boss, or friend, that I wanted to be. Lancaster Cryotherapy and Jen have helped me manage my pain and given me hope that I can be myself again. Did I mention increased energy and burning calories? Yeah, those are two of the bonuses. Stop by Lancaster Cryotherapy, maybe you will see me there. I'll be the guy smiling and laughing.

-Ted Savicky, Lancaster, PA


After only a couple of weeks of cryotherapy, I noticed my legs weren't stiff and sore anymore, and it has helped tremendously with my bursitis in my hip and with my low back pain!

-Sharon L., Lancaster, PA


Back in March, I broke both my tibia and fibula (ankle) falling on black ice. Two plates and 10 screws later, and I found myself with a lot of atrophy, poor circulation in the calf and ankle and a long road to recovery. Along the route back to recovery, and aside from traditional forms of therapy, we came across Lancaster Cryotherapy where I saw immense benefits not just from three minute sessions of cryotherapy but also from a recovery system called Normatec.

The combination of both techniques in addition to my exercises from physical therapy, have helped my transition back to daily activities, exercise and wellness happen much sooner than expected. In what was quoted as expected recovery by a year, I am already back to doing Zumba, yoga and even some more higher impact exercises at just 6 months.

I am so incredibly grateful to the team at Lancaster Cryotherapy for all their support and help these last few months.

-Sugey Cruz-Everts



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